Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2021-10-18

At Icon Horse, we are not here to collect, use or sell data on you or your users.

Data collected from the icon service

We do not collect any user data whatsoever. We do however use server logs – logs are used to let us know about how our service is being used. No information beyond this is needed to operate the service and therefore is not communicated.

Here is what a log entry for an icon looks like:

> --> image/png 1313 bytes (128ms)

The segment identifies the web site from which the icon was served, as demonstrated by the Origin HTTP header.

Some consumers of our service can elect to turn this off (Pro and Enterprise customers), in which case the hostname requested (ie. in the example above) as well as the icon URI served (ie. in the example above) would be replaced with [REDACTED].

Web forms on our website

When you enter personal details in the Contact page, we will store this information for the purposes of replying to your query.

When you enter personal details (name, email) upon registration for the Pro version of Icon Horse, we will store that data in our database for functional purposes.


There are currently no cookies on our website unless you are logged in/registered. We use localStorage (something colloquially included under the "cookies" moniker) to manage logged in state for Pro users.

3rd party vendors

Simple Analytics is used for some basic statistics information regarding incoming traffic. Simple Analytics does not use cookies, and does not track you beyond the fact that you landed on our site. Please see their privacy policy and document explaining what they collect for more information.